What is Love SMS

What is Love SMS

what is love sms
what is love sms

Every one in this world wants to fall in Love. He/she wants to experience the feelings of Love. But up to that moment of falling in love all are eager to know WhatisLove. Here is the collection of What is Love SMS for you friends. Check it out :

what is love sms : 1
Aap ki 1 Miss Call ek din ki khushi,
Aap ki 1 SmS 1 week ki khushi,
Aap ki 1 call 1 month ki khushi,
Aap ki 1 mulaquaat 1 year ki khushi,
Aur aap ka pyaar umar bhar ki khushi.

what is love sms : 2
Us Dil se Pyar Karo Jo Apko Dard De.
Par US Dilko Dard Na do Jo tumhe Pyar Kare
Qki Aap Duniya K Liye 1 ho Par
kisi Ek ke liye aap sari Duniya ho.

what is love sms : 3
Feelings are many but words are few,
Clouds are dark but sky is blue;
Love is a paper, life is glue,
Every thing is false,
Only My Love is TRUE.

what is love sms : 4
The way you look into my eyes, It scares me
The way you say “I love you”, It scares me
The way you know just what to say, It scares me
The ways you scare me, I love it.

what is love sms : 5
1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
1st time i kiss u i was scared to love u.
but now that i love u i’m scared 2 lose u!

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I hope you like above love sms with subject What is Love SMS.