Valentine Day SMS, Happy Valentine Day SMS, Valentine Day SMS 2012

Valentine Day SMS for lovers – valentine’s day is the most romantic day for every lover in the world. Everyone sends Valentine Day SMS to wish Valentine’s day. Check out here collection of Special Valentine Day SMS given below.

Valentine Day SMS : 1
When you’ll ask me whether I Need U? the answer is 4Ever….
When you’ll ask me whether I Leave U? the answer is Never….
When you’ll ask me that what I value? the Answer is U….
When you’ll ask me whether I love U? the answer is I do.

Valentine Day SMS : 2
I dream about you every night,
I shiver when you are in sight,
I love to hold you close n tight,
I want to be there with all my might,
I am just hoping I’m the girl who is right….

Valentine Day SMS : 3
Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell
someone how much you love them
and how much you care about them.
Because when they’re gone,
no matter how loud you shout and cry,
they will not hear you anymore.

Valentine Day SMS : 4
More sweet than the chocolates,
More lovely than the red roses,
More cute than any soft toys,
There is only one person n that is u…
Wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day SMS : 5
Hold my hands when I reached for you,
Hug me when I hold out my arms,
Kiss me when I go for your lips,
Love me when I capture your heart.

Valentine Day SMS - Top 10 Happy Valentine Day SMS
Valentine Day SMS - Top 10 Happy Valentine Day SMS

Valentine Day SMS : 6
It is a nice feeling in the world
That when some1 u love loves u in return.
So when u know d 1 u love has feelings 4 u,
Never let them go because it is very
Difficult to find 2 hearts that beat as 1.

Valentine Day SMS : 7
You always scare me when –
You look into my eyes,
You say I Love You,
You know what to say.
But the way by which
You scare me… I love it.

Valentine Day SMS : 8
The only disappointing thing I have is
Not knowing you since the Day I was born
So that I will be able to spend my whole
life with you. Always be my Valentine…

Valentine Day SMS : 9
On this ValentineDay share world as:
Sun is for you n light is for me.
Sea is for you n waves are for me.
Sky is for you n stars are for me.
Everything is for you n you are for me.

Valentine Day SMS : 10
When everything around u goes wrong…
When sadness fills your heart…
When tears flow in your eyes…
Always remember 3 things in life-
1. I’m with you…
2. Still with you…
3. Will always with you…

Send this lovely Valentine Day SMS to your loved ones and celebrate this ValentineDay with such Happy Valentine Day SMS.