Rajnikanth jokes : Top 10 New Rajinikant Jokes

Rajnikath Jokes are salute to his actions and shows how much people love Rajinikath, the legend in Indian film industry. Rajnikanth name itself has a magic, Rajinikath means name, fame and action. He is a great actor and people love him very much. He is treated like a God in South Indian film industry. Rajnikanth is famous with different styles and he has very big fan following in mass audiences.

Below are list of Top 10 Rajinikant Jokes that inspires us and tells us nothing is impossible… Mind it !


Rajnikath Jokes – 1

when grahambell invented the telephone he found that. already 10 missed calls from the RAJANIKANTH:)

Rajnikath Jokes – 2

Thank God it was Dhanush who sang Kolaveri Di and not Rajni. Otherwise it would have become the National Anthem of the World by now!


Rajnikath Jokes – 3

Once Rajnikant went to Mc Donalds and orderd a Dosa.
Mr Mc Donalds refused..
Since that day…..
Mr Mc Donalds sits outside his own restaurent

Rajinikath Jokes – 4

Rajnikanth e mail id : gmail@rajnikanth.com

Rajnikath Jokes – 5

Once Rajinikanth was playing cricket in mansoon………
Rain was cancelled due to match

Rajinikath Jokes – 6

rajnikanth gave a cheque to a bank, the bank bounced

Rajnikath Jokes – 7

What would have happened if Rajinikanth was born 150 years ago? The British would have fought for independence

Rajnikat Jokes – 8

Once Rajnikanth entered bigg boss… The next day announcement was made… Rajnikanth chahte hai ki bigg boss confession room me aye

Rajnikath Jokes – 9

Rajnikanth became the coach of Indian Cricket Team…..Guess what happened..
They won the FIFA and Hockey Cup also

Rajnikath Jokes – 10

RAJNIKANT was once asked by a Reporter abt how he felt about all the “Rajnikant Jokes”.
on the internet SMS..

His reply was-……

“Do you think they are Jokes.”

Rajinikat Jokes – Bonus 1

All The fast bikes from yamaha company.

R1, R15, R6, Rx 100 , Rx 125, Rx 135, Rd, Rxz………..

R stands for RAJNIKANTH

Rajnikath Jokes – Bonus 2

Once Lord Shiva woke up from his penance to find out that his “Trishool” was missing…
Angry Lord Shiva asked Parvati mata…”Where is my Trishool..”
Parvati mata says “Rajnikanth has taken it…”
Puzzeled.. lord shiva asks the reason and Parvati mata says…”He had to eat Maggi noodles with it”

Rajnikath Jokes – Bonus 3

Rajinikanth woke up one day and decided he would share one per cent of his knowledge with the world. Thus, wikipedia was born!

Rajnikath Jokes – Bonus 4

Once Rajni sir took loan from dinosaurs and after some years dinosaurs asked him there money back and that was the last time anyone heard about DINOSAURS

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