Hug Day Quotes, Hug Quotes, Happy Hug Day Quotes 2012

Looking for Hug Day Quotes? Here you will find Happy Hug Day Quotes. Get here our collection of hug day quotes, hug quotes and Happy Hug Day Quotes.
Hug is a unique and effective action of expressing love and cares for other. Hug Day Quotes also expresses feeling of love and care, hence sending Hug Quotes are most efficient for those who are away from their loved ones.

Hug Day Quotes : 1
Aaj nahi hai hum kuchh sunne wale,
Kar lo Chahe tum kitane bhi bahane…
Tume sine se laga kar rahenge hum,
Kaun aayega tume aaj humse bachane…

Hug Day Quotes : 2
Don’t wait until tommorrow to
hug someone u could hug today
Because when you give one
you get 1 right back ur way.
happy hug day to all

Hug Day Quotes : 3
I love hugging.
I wish I was an octopus
so I could hug ten girls at a time.

Hug Day Quotes, Hug Quotes, Happy Hug Day Quotes

Hug Day Quotes : 4
No matter where you are today
I’ll always find you by my way
to Hug you very tightly and
shower you with my kisses
because I love you very much
happy hug day my dear

Hug Day Quotes : 5
Kajal banake teri aakho me samane ki tamanna hai,
Dawa banake tere dard mitane ki tamanna hai.
Yun to haasil hai zamane ki har cheez mujhe,
Sirf ek baar tume sine se lagane ki tamanna hai…

Hug Day Quotes : 6
When a boy hugged a girl
Girl said : If u Hug Me
once More Like this
I will be yours forever.
Boy: Thank you very much

Hug Day Quotes : 7
Ek pyara dost pillow jaisa hota hai-
Jab aap tired ho usape sote hai,
Jab aap dukhi ho usape aansu girate hai,
Jab aap gussa ho usako marate hai,
Jab aap khush ho use HUG karate hai.
Happy Hug Day

So on Hug Day 2012 get ready to send Hug Day Quotes to your lover. After giving promise to your love on promise day let your Hug Day Quotes speak your feelings and make her ready for your real hug. So friends hurry up and send her/him a cute Hug Day Quotes.