Happy New Year Sms – Who Else Wants Hindi New Year Sms 2012?

Sending New Year Sms to loved ones has become habitual for everyone in the entire world. As today s life is faster everyone wants simplest way to wish friends and relatives through New Year Sms.

New Year SMS
New Year SMS

New Year Sms : 1
I Pray To God To Give You
Happiness For 12 Month,
Enjoyment For 52 Weeks,
Success For 365 Days,
Good Health For 8760 Hours,
Good Wealth For 525600 Minutes,
Joyfulness For 31536000 Seconds,
In This Wonderful New Year 2012

new year sms : 2
before the sun sets for 2011,
before the memories lighten,
before the networks get jammed,
wish u a very happy new year 2012.

new year sms : 3
my wishes for you,
jan : grand start, feb : love,
march : peace, april : no worries,
may : fun, june : joy,
july : excitement, aug : new friends,
sept : loyalty, oct : devotion,
nov : romance, dec : happiness,
* hope u’ll have a great new year *

New Year Sms : 4
Is New Year Me Sab Ko Mile Bahot Sara Pyar,
Har Din Ho Sab Par Bas Khusiyo Ki Bauchhar . . .
Yehi Dua Karate Hai Rab Se Mil Ke Sare Hum ,
Aayo New Year Ko Sab Mil Kar Kare Wel-Come . . .

As getting New Year Sms on net is really very hassling free, mostly all of us choose this effortless mode for wishing each other. Select New Year Sms of your choice from above collection and let your loed one enjoy with your New Year Sms.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year Sms – Who Else Wants Hindi New Year Sms 2012?

  1. May This New Year Bring Many Opportunities Your Way,
    To Achieve All Your Goals And Get More Success,
    All Your Resolutions For This New Year Stay Firm,
    Have A Gr8 Year Ahead!
    * * * Wishing You A HAPPY NEW YEAR * * *

  2. “Meri” “Dua” “hai” “ki” “aap” “aane” “wale” “saal” “k” “12″ “mahine” “khush” “raho”
    “52″ “hafte” “mushkurate” “raho”
    “365″ “din” “aap” “par” “Bhagwan” “meherban” “rahe”
    “8760″ “ghante” “kismat” “aap” “ka” “sath” “de”
    “525600″ “minutes” “kamyabi” “aap” k “kadam” “chume”
    “31536000″ “seconds” “meri” “Dua” aap “ke” “sath” “rahe”

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