Hindi sms in love for Him

Hindi sms in love for Him….Yes! What you have read is absolutely truthful. It is often said that Love is blind and love can conquer anything in the world. There is no other experience as pretty as falling in Love. Everyone wants to fall in Love to know the most passionate moment of life. And during this most lovable moment hindi sms in love plays a very vital role in today s life.

Mere pyare dil ko samajne wala chaaheeye,
Rote huye dil ko hasane wala chaaheeye.
Yu to mil jate he pyar jatane wale bahot,
Par sache dil se pyar nibhane wala chaaheeye…

Yu to rishhton ki dor kamjor hotee he,
Aankhon ki bate dil ki chor hotee he.
Jab bhi kisine humse pyar ka matlab puchha,
Humari ungali aapaki aur hotee he…

Hindi sms in Love
Hindi sms in Love

Pata nahi usape kyo hai itna yakin,
Har khwab uska kyo hai itna hasin.
Pyar ka har ek dard lagta kyo hai itna mitha,
Aur aankhon se nikla aansu kyo hai itna namkin…

For example, suppose if you have made loving person unhappy then you can make them happy with hindi sms in love. Means you can set your lovers mood again with these sms. This page will offer you a large collection of love sms which you can send to someone special. So what are you waiting for…go for it…and send hindi sms in love to Him.


Aise Hi Kisi Par Dil Fida Nahi Hota,
Dil Se Mila Dil Kabhi Juda Nahi Hota.
Sabse Bada Rishta To Pyar Ka Hai Hota,
Aur Sachha Pyar Karnewala Bewafa Nahi Hota…

Sending hindi sms in love is the shortest and cutest way to impress your lover. SO next time don’t forget to send him hindi sms in love.