Happy New Year Wishes Quotes – Graceful Way To Wish Friends

Sending New Year Wishes is the Pretty, inexpensive and graceful way to wish you family and friends during the New Year. Yes, I always use this uncomplicated and tension free way of sending New Year Messages to my loved ones.

New Year Wishes : 1
I Wish For You In This New Year You’ll
Get Many Opportunities In Your Path,
To Discover Every Happiness Of Life And
To Turn All Your Dreams Into Truth And
All Your Hard Work Into Great Achievements.
* * * A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR * * *

new year wishes : 2
pichhale saal ko sab bhul jayo ,
naye saal ko sab gale se lagayo . . .
bhagwan ke aage sar zukayo ,
naye saal ki khushiya manayo . . .

new year wishes : 3
every time there comes new year and it goes as well. this year
i personally wish u a good health n happiness filled with good destiny.
happy new year !!!!!

New Year Wishes
New Year Wishes

New Year Wishes : 4
In This New Year 2012 I Wish The God To
Give You Happiness And Harmony,
Bless You Right Through The New Year.
Fulfill All Your Wishes And Dreams,
Give You Lots Of New Friends . . .
* * * Happy New Year * * *

New Year Wishes : 5
This New Year God May Give You
An Extraordinary Strength,
A Power To Achieve All Your Goals,
An Unbeatable Success,
A Relaxed Mind, A Peaceful Soul,
A Good Health & Wealth,
Heart Full Of Love & Care,
Have A Wonderful New Year

New Year Wishes : 6
Naye Sal Ka Har Din Laye Bas Khusiyo Ka Tyohar ,
Sabko Milta Rahe Ek Dusare Ka Dher Sara Pyar . . .
Yehi Manokamana Kar Ke Bhul Jayo Sare Gum ,
Aur Ek Naye Josh Se Karo New Year Ko Wel-Come . . .

New Year wishes contains short but very straightforward words about our wishes. Hence sending New Year wishes is preferred by many people. I think there is no other pretty and graceful way of conveying our wishes than New Year wishes.

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  1. Keep the smile, leave the tear,
    Always be happy, forget the fear…
    Hold the laugh, leave the pain,
    Coz its Happy New Year Again !

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