Dasara Greetings, Dasara Greetings Cards, Happy Dasara Greetings

Dasara is a very significant & charming festivals of India. Usually it comes in the month of September / October. It is the combination of two words as “Dash” and “hara”. On the 10th day of Navratri Dasar is celebrated in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Hariyana and  Delhi. Dasara Greetings are send by people on this day.  With the help of computers, mobiles wishing each other with Dasara Greetings has become very easy. Given below is the list of Dasara Greetings.

Dasara Greetings
Dasara Greetings

Dasara Greetings : 1
Everyday Sun Rise To Give Us A Message That Darkness Will Always Be Beaten By Light.
Let Us Follow The Same Natural Rule And Enjoy The Festival Of Good Defeats Evil.
*** Happy Dasara ***

Dasara Greetings : 2
With great devotion,
Fervour and Gaiety,
With rays of Joy and Hope,
Wish you and your family,
*** Happy Dasara ***

Dasara Greetings : 3
Celebrate The Victory Of The Force Of Good Over Evil. Let’s Celebrate An Auspicious Day To Begin New Thing In Life. *** Happy Dasara ***

Dasara Greetings : 4
Let The Joy Of Festivity
Embrace You & Your Loved Ones
On The Occasions Of Dasara This Year!
Wishing Happy Dasara
To You & Your Family

Dasara Greetings : 5
Golden wishes for
Golden people before
Golden sun rise with
Golden rays on a
Golden day for
Golden future…
***Happy Dasara***

Enjoy festival of Dasara and celebrate this auspicious day by sharing Dasara Greetings.